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After buying I-Resource Payroll Services, my very first investment, I launched Hargenant Capital Investment Group with the hope of it becoming a leading investment vehicle in the UK payroll and accountancy business space and then expanded into the Entertainment Services industry.

My firm belief was, and still is, that people truly transform businesses and therefore, at Hargenant Capital, we don’t invest in ideas, products or business plans – we invest in people.

We aim to make Hargenant Capital the go to investor in the Payroll and Accountancy sector and as a result of that ambition we have already grown our portfolio turnover to in excess of £80 million.

I have hired the industry’s best to be able me to partner with our investment companies to accelerate growth and today, we have more than 80 years of combined experience in staffing.

Whether you’re a CEO or a consultant, each member of our team is an entrepreneur and as such, we invest heavily in the development of our people to be true leaders in business.


Greg Barrow, Chairman

Start Your Own Payroll Accounting Business

Hargenant can provide the funding and support for ambitious and experianced payroll professionals to start their own business

Grow Your Own Payroll Business

Whether it is funding, advice with systems or scale your existing business requires, Hargenant can provide the expertise and capital to grow the business of payroll companies with a strong industry presence.

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If you are looking to move your career forward then a career with Hargenant provides the perfect environment to do so. If you are looking to start your career in payroll, or have industry experience and are looking to take your career to management level, Hargenant provides individuals with rewarding career opportunities.

Hargenant Capital Investments Group

Hargenant Capital Investment Group was founded in February 2015 by Greg Barrow as an investment vehicle to  become both the prime purchaser or Investor in the Payroll/Accountancy businesses and companies within the Entertainment Services Industry in the UK, France & US with the first acquisition being completed in April 2015.


April – Purchased 100% shareholding in I-Resource Payroll Services (rebranded to Hargenant Ltd in November 2015)


November – Hargenant Accounting Services Ltd


December – Movie Solutions UK Ltd


February – Compact Accounts Ltd, 100% ownership of a newco with the Accountancy industry. Clare Barrow Photography

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